Legal Questions

What are the different parts of litigation and what can the client expect will happen during the course of the case?

The litigation is started by filing a complaint. The defendant then answers the complaint, and sometimes files preliminary objections. Discovery then takes place, during which interrogatories or written questions are asked under oath of various parties and witnesses. Depositions, or verbal questions under oath, are also asked of the parties and witnesses. Often consultation with the Court through various status and settlement conferences then ensues. Trial occurs at the end of this process.

Who bears the costs of litigation?

Usually, the attorney representing the injured person pays the costs during the course of litigation. The attorney is reimbursed at the end of litigation if there is any monetary recovery for the injured person.

How will my attorney be paid?

The attorney is paid only if recovery of monetary damages is recovered for the client. This is called a contingency fee agreement.

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