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Provide timely and meaningful reports

The personal injury settlement or verdict often turns on reports prepared by the medical provider. A well written and edited report by the treating doctor goes a long way towards getting the case resolved for the attorney representing the patient. One of the worst things a provider can do is write “Signed but not read” at the bottom of the report. Something the provider can do is write about various anecdotal incidents that the patient may have related to the provider during the course of treatment. Not being the lift a child when the parent comes home at night because of back pain from the accident is something a jury can relate to. Not being able to mow the lawn, while seemingly innocuous, could go a long way towards overcoming the limited tort threshold. Perhaps most important of all is providing requested reports on a timely basis. There is nothing more frustrating for a plaintiff attorney to do than constantly call the provider’s office requesting a report on the patient.