Lower That Accounts Receivable

Many doctors are decrying the current economic situation because there has been a decrease in office fees. Many patients may not have the funds to pay for deductibles or have insurance at all. What these same doctors do not realize is that much of their accounts receivable contain unrealized money that could offset some of the downturn in their fees.

My office has represented chiropractors throughout the Commonwealth in obtaining money from insurance companies who will not pay for care rendered to motor vehicle accident victims. Many of these doctors have allowed large sums of money to accumulate for non-payment for motor vehicle accident victims for various reasons. Some do not realize that they can sue the insurance carrier for recovery. Some think they will sue the carrier themselves in small claims court, but never get around to it. Whatever the reason, this is money which should be in the doctor’s bank account and not the insurance carriers.

The amount of work on your part is relatively painless. A copy of any peer review as well as a statement showing the total amount of money due and owing can be faxed or emailed to my office to get the process started. We then place the case in suit after you send us the filing fee, which is typically around $100.00. The majority of these cases are settled without your having to appear in Court.


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