Chiros Hit for $9.2 Million

Don’t Put Your Practice At Risk

A federal jury in Philadelphia on March 26, 2009 found in favor of State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance company against Dr. Arnold Lincow, two other osteopaths, and two chiropractors, as well as four corporate entities. The jury assessed $4,049,741.00 against each of the defendants for violation of two parts of RICO, as well as statutory and common law fraud. The jury also assessed punitive damages against Dr. Lincow in the amount of $5,000,000.00 (five million dollars), and $600,000.00 (six thousand dollars) against each of the other defendants.
State Farm argued that from 2000 until the present Dr. Lincow perpetrated a scheme with fellow defendants to exhaust all available benefits under a patient’s motor vehicle medical insurance. The jury agreed with State Farm that Dr. Lincow and his co-defendants performed inappropriate and medically unnecessary testing and treatment, created standardized treatment plans and reports, billed for services that were never received or more costly than actually rendered, submitted fake billing information and fake supporting documentation, employed untrained and unlicensed personnel to provide treatment as if it were provided by licensed and trained personnel, misrepresented the identity of the treating physician, and used a physician to incorrectly diagnose testing as positive (EMG and nerve conduction tests) for which he received a kickback.
The trial lasted three weeks and various attorneys associated with Dr. Lincow had their files subpoenaed to provide evidence as to the RICO scheme. The counterclaims filed by the defendants in the case were rejected by the jury. The defendants have 30 days from March 26, 2009 to file an appeal.


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