24 Dos and Don’ts Regarding Automobile Accidents

  1. DO call the police to the scene to take a report.
  2. DON’T admit any fault for the accident or volunteer any information.
  3. DO obtain the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of any witnesses at the scene.
  4. DO seek immediate medical care if you are injured.
  5. DON’T delay contacting your attorney for assistance regarding your claim.
  6. DO take photographs of your damaged vehicle and your injuries right away.
  7. DON’T fail to obtain a copy of the police accident report as soon as possible.
  8. DON’T appear in court without first consulting your attorney.
  9. DO report all of your complaints of pain and discomfort.
  10. DO return to your doctor for any continuing pain or discomfort.
  11. DON’T fail to keep any scheduled doctor’s appointments.
  12. DON’T fail to follow instructions from your doctor.
  13. DO have you damaged vehicle repaired, sold, or disposed of within a reasonable time.
  14. DON’T leave your damaged vehicle at a storage lot which will incur daily storage charges.
  15. DON’T talk to any insurance adjustors–yours or the other driver’s–without first consulting your attorney.
  16. DON’T give any written records or statements.
  17. DO make certain any time off work because of your injuries is approved in writing by a doctor.
  18. DON’T fail to inform your employer of all time off work that is caused by or related to your injuries.
  19. DO send originals of all hospital, doctor, prescription and other expense bills to your attorney, and save copies for you records.
  20. DO supply your attorney with your own related insurance policy and declarations page as soon as possible.
  21. DON’T fail to supply your attorney with any subordinate letter you receive from any insurance company.
  22. DON’T fail to report your medical treatment status to your attorney at least monthly.
  23. DO keep a written diary of how your injuries affect your normal activities at home and at work.
  24. DO inform your attorney of any changes in your address, telephone number, employment, or medical treatment.

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